Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Sylvester Dachuna: The Amul Baby Creator

In the world of advertising, few characters have captured the hearts of millions like the adorable Amul Baby. The brainchild of the talented artist Sylvester Dachuna, the Amul Baby has become an iconic figure, symbolizing the taste and charm of the Amul brand. With the recent passing of Sylvester Dachuna, it is important to recognize and celebrate his contributions to the advertising industry and the lasting impact of his creation.

A Visionary Artist:

Sylvester Dachuna, born in 1949 in Mumbai, India, possessed a natural talent for art from a young age. His passion for creativity led him to study fine arts at the Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai, where he honed his skills and developed his unique artistic style. Little did he know that his artistic prowess would eventually give birth to one of the most recognizable advertising mascots in Indian history.

The Birth of the Amul Baby:

In 1966, Sylvester Dachuna joined the advertising agency Advertising and Sales Promotion (ASP) as a junior artist. It was during his tenure at ASP that he was presented with the opportunity to create a mascot for the dairy brand Amul. Drawing inspiration from the lively and vibrant Indian culture, Dachuna crafted the mischievous, chubby-cheeked Amul Baby, adorned in a polka-dotted dress with a playful expression on its face. This lovable character struck a chord with the Indian audience, and thus, the Amul Baby was born.

Cultural Commentary and Wit:

What set the Amul Baby apart from other mascots was its ability to cleverly comment on current events and societal issues through its famous topical advertisements. With its witty one-liners and satirical illustrations, the Amul Baby became a voice of the people, capturing the essence of Indian society with its humorous and thought-provoking messages. The creative genius of Sylvester Dachuna brought the Amul Baby to life, making it an integral part of Indian pop culture.

Enduring Popularity and Recognition:

The Amul Baby’s popularity skyrocketed as the brand consistently released captivating and timely advertisements. From commenting on political events to celebrating cultural festivals, the Amul Baby was always present, resonating with people across generations. Its witty catchphrase, “Utterly Butterly Delicious,” became synonymous with Amul’s products and further solidified the brand’s position in the hearts of consumers.

Sylvester Dachuna’s Legacy:

Sylvester Dachuna’s contributions to the advertising industry cannot be overstated. Through his artistic vision, he created an enduring character that transcended advertising to become an integral part of Indian society. The Amul Baby’s impact on popular culture and its ability to engage with people on a deep level is a testament to Dachuna’s creative genius and understanding of the Indian ethos.

Although Sylvester Dachuna passed away recently, his legacy lives on through the Amul Baby. The lovable mascot continues to bring smiles to people’s faces and remains an iconic symbol of India’s love for dairy products. Dachuna’s vision and artistic talent have left an indelible mark, not only on the advertising landscape but also on the collective memory of millions of Indians.


The passing of Sylvester Dachuna marks the end of an era for Indian advertising. His creation, the Amul Baby, stands as a testament to his artistic brilliance and cultural understanding. The legacy of Dachuna lives on through the enduring popularity of the Amul Baby, a beloved character that continues to captivate hearts with its charm and wit. As we reflect on Dachuna’s contributions, let us celebrate his life and the

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