Schedule Revealed: 2023 ICC ODI World Cup Promises Thrilling Cricket Action and India-Pakistan Marquee Clash

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has unveiled the final schedule for the highly anticipated 2023 ICC ODI World Cup. With matches set to be held from October 5 to November 19 across 10 cities in India, cricket enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this prestigious tournament. The highlight of the event is the intense rivalry between India and Pakistan, with their marquee clash scheduled for October 15 in Ahmedabad. Let’s delve into the format, teams, key fixtures, and the journey that awaits cricket fans.

Format and Teams:

The 2023 ICC ODI World Cup will adopt a Round-Robin format, where each of the 10 teams will face off against the other 9. Following the group stage, the top 4 teams will advance to the Semi-Finals, slated for November 15 and 16 in Mumbai and Kolkata respectively. The grand finale will take place on November 19 in Ahmedabad, adding an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

Qualification and India’s Schedule:

Eight teams have already secured their spot in the tournament through the Cricket World Cup Super League. The remaining two teams will be determined after the conclusion of the ongoing qualifier tournament in Zimbabwe on July 9. As the host nation, India will have a fervent home crowd cheering them on throughout their journey. Here’s a glimpse of India’s schedule:

1. India vs Australia – October 8, Chennai

2. India vs Afghanistan – October 11, Delhi

3. India vs Pakistan – October 15, Ahmedabad

4. India vs Bangladesh – October 19, Pune

5. India vs New Zealand – October 22, Dharamsala

6. India vs England – October 29, Lucknow

7. India vs Qualifier 2 – November 2, Mumbai

8. India vs South Africa – November 5, Kolkata

9. India vs Qualifier 1 – November 11, Bengaluru

Key Fixtures:

While every match holds significance, certain fixtures stand out due to their historical context and thrilling rivalries. These matches are anticipated to captivate fans around the world:

1. Opening Match: England vs New Zealand – October 5, Ahmedabad

2. October 12, Lucknow: Australia vs South Africa

3. October 15, Ahmedabad: India vs Pakistan

4. October 20, Bengaluru: Pakistan vs Australia

5. October 21, Mumbai: England vs South Africa

6. October 22, Dharamsala: India vs New Zealand

7. October 29, Lucknow: India vs England

8. November 4, Ahmedabad: Australia vs England

9. November 12, Kolkata: England vs Pakistan

Semi-Finals and Final:

The Semi-Finals of the 2023 ICC ODI World Cup will be held on November 15 in Mumbai and November 16 in Kolkata, at the renowned Wankhede Stadium and Eden Gardens respectively. The tournament will culminate in the grand finale on November 19 in Ahmedabad, where the top two teams will vie for cricketing glory. The 2023 ICC ODI World Cup promises to deliver unforgettable moments & fierce rivalries

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